Tamara- AP Physics

Ballistic Pendulum Mini-lab

1.       Question:  What is the firing speed of the ballistic pendulum?

2.       Data:  Effective mass of the catching mechanism 116 g.

3.       Data analysis

Mass of ball: 68.7 g

Change in Height: 3.7 cm

Angle: 55 ˚

(the rest is on the paper)

4.       Conclusion

The firing speed of the pendulum is 2.2881 m/s. This number may be different according to the different measurements within groups.  There is a possibility of error due to inaccurate conversions. 

5.       Describe an experiment that you could conduct to test your calculation.


Repeat the same experiment, but have a motion detector to check your solutions.  All of the variables and tools would have to be the same as the experiment used in class or the data will be inaccurate.  The motion detector will provide a graph that shows accurate data.  A motion detector is a reliable tool for experimentation.